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Autism Level UP! Presents All the Feelzzz

We’ve been working on this project for quite some time and could not be more AMPED to release it into the world to do what it is designed to do!

All the Feelzzz

All the Feelzzz is an alternative way for neurodivergent individuals to communicate discomfort, difference and/or pain. Designed specifically for and with input from the autistic community, All the Feelzzz aims to fill a top priority by providing a system for neurodivergent people to share critical information with others and to help secure assistance when needed – since, we know traditional pain scales and modes of communicating bodily difference often don’t work.

All the Feelzzz is a suite of visual tools designed to honor the complexity and the multidimensional nature of feelz for autistic people. Thus, the images have been carefully conceptualized with Ra Vashtar, an autistic artist, to capture qualities such as texture, intensity, imagery, color, and a range of tactile qualities in hopes that one or many qualities of a Feelz card will resonate with a person, and therefore, help them to name, understand, and express their experience in ways that are not forced by external sources. 

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What are Autistic People Saying About All the Feelzzz?

“All the Feelzzz provides a new language in which autistics can communicate to themselves and others” ~ Dana Waters, PsyD. ABPP, Founder of The AWAKE Project

“It provides a natural form of communication … so it is very likely to be used and useful…schools, doctor’s offices, and hospitals need this support”~ Patti Menzel, Autistic Self Advocate

“This is kinda cool. It’d be great if the doctor had this when I go there”~ Seán, AUsome Autistic, age 17

“I can easily relate the image to the feelings in my body”~ Mairéad, AUsome Autistic, age 14