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The Energy Meter

The Energy Meter is designed to help conversational partners reflect on their own arousal states in relation to the environment. The basic Energy Meter uses two descriptors to help individuals identify their own internal energy and the energy expectation for the activity. The first descriptor is meant to be what it “feels like” while the second is more reflective of “what it looks like.” This type of support, free of emotional labels, is particularly helpful for individuals who struggle with emotional identification and expression but are working to understand the concepts of regulation and how to adjust their energy level to successfully engage in activities. This support can be used by an individual, but can also be used interactively and dynamically by partners to provide clear visual feedback related to “Energy Needed” to match an activity and “My Energy” where the individual is operating. Remember if there is a mismatch in Energy, a regulatory strategy will be needed! The second page of the support provides general strategies for increasing and decreasing energy levels! In addition, three adaptions are included in the combined support to show how the support might be customized for students incorporating 5th grade lingo or their areas of special interest (e.g., Pokemon and the periodic table) The video tutorial describes the design and use of the support, as well as customizing options.

Partner Stage:
Conversational Partner

Child Objectives:
MR 4.5 Shares intentions for joint attention (a. comments on immediate events; c. requests information about immediate events; d. expresses feelings or opinions)
SR 4.3 Uses self-monitoring and self-talk to guide behavior
SR 5.3 Uses metacognitive strategies to regulate arousal level in new and changing situations

Partner Objectives:
IS 1.6 Provides information or assistance to regulate state
IS 5.3 Provides guidance and feedback as needed for success in activities
LS 2.4 Uses augmentative communication support to enhance child’s emotional regulation

Free Visual Support: Energy Meter (PDF)

Free Visual Support: Combined Energy (PDF)

Free Visual Support: Energy Meter with Faces (PDF)

Free Visual Support: Energy Meter (Dutch – PDF)