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Fidgets are Tools

Years ago, Amy created a visual support called Fidgets in the Classroom in response to a consultation request.  It was a well intended support, but after reviewing it recently, it was apparent that it needed to be Leveled UP!  Here is the almost unrecognizable version 2, Fidgets are Tools.  This support has 4 parts.  The first is a visual guide for people providing support to learners (e.g., school staff, family members, etc).  It is designed to remind partners of the intent of the Fidgets are Tools support and the parameters for its use, that is, the “NOs” and the “GOs” of helping someone learn to use Fidgets are Tools.  The second page is a teaching tool to help learners understand what fidgets are.  This page teaches why, how, where, and when fidgets are used.  The third page is a  simplified version of that same information.  The simplified version is provided for use both as a teaching tool but also as a quick, visual support to be used in the contexts where fidget tools are introduced and being used to support active engagement and learning.  The final page is a modified Regulator that partners and learners can use to explore various fidgets with respect to how they influence a person’s energy, the degree to which they support engagement, and also if they are preferred.