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First: For/Until: Next:

We constantly remind ourselves that without explicit information misunderstandings occur.

Unfortunately when a lack of explicit information exists during transitions and misunderstandings occur, often the onus for the resultant “mess” is placed on the learner/child/individual being supported, not on the teacher/adult/person providing the support. This is particularly true for autistic individuals being supported by many different people.

As we were discussing this phenomena and traditional “first / then” boards used to increase predictability in transitions, we agreed that First / Then should never be an “earning board,” holding preferred activities hostage. And, it is essential that that type of board should only be used to provide information to increase predictability.”

However, during the conversation a few points additional points became salient, most notably from JÂcqûelyn’s perspective “Knowing what is coming next can be critical information, but often even knowing what is coming next doesn’t provide the predictability I need. I need to know when that “first thing” will come to an end in order for the information about what is “next” to be meaningful to me and actually be regulating.”

So, we give you the Autism Level UP! “First: For/Until: Next:” Board

You’ll see we have many other thoughts included on the support Please READ them all! Please download this and use it as the design intends. DO NOT skip page 2 which includes a discussion of how to use Until/For cards correctly.