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Planning and Reflecting – Bullet Journal Flow

What is this?

It’s an Energy Regulation Tool for individuals who can and like to use planning and refection strategies.

That’s an important sentence. This tool is not for everyone!

To use this type of strategy one must have the ability to think about thinking (in “typical development” we’re talking about 8 year olds) So, this is not for preschoolers or early elementary students. (Don’t hold those with learning differences to a higher standard than their peers. They will fail every time; and, it will have nothing to do with them. It will have everything to do with you introducing a strat that isn’t accessible and therefore has no chance of providing useful, effective support).

To use this type of strategy effectively, it must resonate for that person. Not only do they need the language, cognitive, and life experience skills to use it, they have to like it. For the record, JÂcqûelyn strongly dislikes this type of strategy and is often further dysregulated by it. (Sensory-motor strats with some information strats thrown in, those are her go to’s). She would never chose to use this. And, Amy is wise enough to never suggest it.