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By now you know that sometimes, we just need a quick dose of physical activity to Power Up, Power Down or to proactively maintain engagement. Power Stations are an adaptation of Power Packs and Power Through the Day and are designed to help get those quick bursts or lengthier/more intense regulation breaks in the form of resistance, stretching, inversion, jumping and more! There are 5 stations and each one includes movements to try that can be considered beginner, intermediate, or challenging. We’ve also included a version of the Regulator 2.0 specific to Power Stations, so that you can track how each of the suggested exercises influences energy and use that information in the future. The only “equipment” that may be needed are a few visual cues to help with hand and foot placement or simply to indicate a location where related exercises will take place. We’ve included some in the printable file, but you could also use your own – just make sure they are non-skid if you are using them for exact hand/foot placement and not simply as cues!

Our goal is to make sure that individuals, regardless of age and physical fitness level, know they have options for regulatory strategies in almost every environment. These strategies can be easily incorporated into an individual’s Power Plan. Any of the Power Station moves (alone or in combination with any or all others) can be used as maintenance strategies and/or to regulate when there is a mismatch in energy level. When engaging in any physical exercise or activity it is important to modify for individual fitness level and comfort. Most importantly, these exercises are just ideas! Remember to have fun, play and create your own movements and exercises if you please!

FREE Download of the complete support here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1be8TuCW4TrBr7symAKYMm2RNbViIzT38/view?usp=sharing