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Spectrum Critter Energy Meter compliments of Ra Vashtar

We work with the incredibly talented Ra Vashtar of ArtsAflame. And we adore his Spectrum Critters ~ a collection of unique creatures who embody a few of the different strengths and challenges of autistic people.

You can only imagine how GAMPY (giddy + ampy) we were when Ra agreed to create a customized Autism Level UP! Energy Meter featuring his critters!

Some of you may have noticed that it is part of Point and Play: A Way to Show and Tell at the Playground.

Here’s a closer look!

Ra has graciously agreed to make this available for download to the Autism Level UP! community. He is seriously the BEST!

If you’re not familiar with Prizzitt, Yin-Yin, Blee, Rokko, & Gilly, please visit them and take a few minutes to learn about what makes each of them AUsome. https://www.artsaflame.com/spectrum-critters

Image description : Autism Level UP! Energy meter with a maxed out Prizzitt (antenna back and up), an amped Yin-Yin (eyes wide and hands clenched), a focused Blee (all eye forward), settled Rokko (chilling in their steam) and sleepy Gilly (droopy flower yawning) and all the critters asleep on the moon!