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The Power Plan

The Power Plan is the fifth tool in the Autism Level UP! Energy Regulation Suite. The Power Plan is where it ALL COMES TOGETHER. Using information derived from My Energy, The Regulator, and The PIC, autistic individuals and their teams can create a comprehensive plan to Power UP or Power Down Energy Levels when there is a mismatch identified on The Energy Meter. Teams should use this support only after the others in the suite have been completed. It is designed to be used in conjunction with the other supports in the series – which provide all the information for personalization of the The Power Plan. The plan is designed to be used as a quick reference for both proactive strategies (i.e., everyday routine strategies and strategic prevention strategies ) and reactive strategies (e.g., power up levels and power down levels strategies). In addition, strategies are organized by type of input (i.e., sensory motor or language based). Determination of the appropriate strategy in a specific context will depend on the source of the energy mismatch and also on the developmental level of the person. This support includes a “generic power plan” for shifting energy up and down to provide a model of how to complete the plan in addition to blank forms to be filled out based on the individual.

Autistic Perspective:

The Power Plan is a stand-alone regulatory tool in my mind. I love that this plan pulls together the critical pieces of information from all of the previous supports that have been completed and tailored to my profile, the environments in which I exist and the activities that I actually do on a daily basis. It is one thing to be able to express and communicate my current energy state and compare it to the energy needed for the activity, but it is so critical that I know, no matter what the mismatch is and in which direction, there is a plan in place with explicit tools and strategies to be used in every scenario. Further, these strategies are based on what is soothing and alerting and takes into account which domains are most effective for me personally. I also love knowing that I can share this with partners and they will have the same explicit, formulaic information about what to do for a variety of energy mismatches. Essentially, I know that if I can access the energy meter, I can access A LOT of high quality, effective support whether it is a visual reminder for myself or an explicit plan for a partner… which brings me back to The Power Plan as a stand-alone regulatory tool.

Partner Stage:
Conversational Partner

Child Objectives:
SR4.5 Identifies and reflects on strategies to support regulation
MR4.5(d) Shares intentions for joint attention- expresses feelings and opinions

Partner Objectives:
IS 1.6 Provides information or assistance to regulate state
IS 5.3 Provides guidance and and feedback as needed for success in activities
LS 2.4 Uses augmentative communication support to enhance child’s emotional regulation

Free Visual Support: The Power Plan (PDF)