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WHY’s Not Size (of the Problem)

We told the Autism Level UP! Community that we had a problem. We asked them to help us understand problems, and they rallied! Eight hundred and seventeen individuals volunteered their time and took the survey. Respondents were asked to rate 25 pre-determined, “common problems” on a scale ranging from 0 (no problem) to 100 (extreme problem). These problems attempted to represent a range of categories including global and societal problems, personal problems, social problems, and non-people related problems. However, we intentionally did not seek input about the problems that should go into the survey because one of the MAJOR issues with many tools around problem-solving that we hoped this survey would illustrate is that an external source gets to determine what can be labeled a problem and how problematic each one is – this is regardless of individuals’ neurotype, culture, experiences, race, ethnicity, home language, country of origin, etc., etc., etc.!

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