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Why’s Not Size- Supports for Problem Solving Informed by the Neurodivergent Community (#SolveNotSize)

Context is interesting. Information is important. However, it is the perspective of the neurodivergent community that is essential to devising supports that are authentic and meaningful. As such, autistic individuals must be included as key informants when conceptualizing, implementing and evaluating educational support of autistic learners. The supports included in #SolveNotSize, are designed to incorporate several of the key themes that emerged from the Problem with Problems Community Survey. As such, you will notice: 1. That they help determine the source (not size) of the problem, 2. That they attempt to ensure that partners are ready to listen (or to carefully observe), and 3. That they maintain the focus on the reality of the person who knows best, i.e., the person being most affected by the problem.

You will also notice that the first page of this #SolveNotSize is a support for the Neurotypical Partners who may providing assistance implementing this strategy. This is KEY. #SolveNotSize will only be beneficial if it is implemented in respectful and helpful ways. Do NOT skip Page one! The second page illustrates the complexity of working through a problem for an individual. It may be overwhelming to look at. We know this. But, it clearly demonstrates why simplistic labeling of problem size falls short of the mark when providing adequate and useful support. The third page is an easy access in the moment “choice board” to help an individual remember the range of options that may be available to them.

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